On referme la boucle/It’s a small world

This piece explores the confines of communication. As an individual, there is one perspective from which we can communicate. This piece asks the viewer to step up and project their voice through a permeable horn, making physical the experience of projected speech. The effort we exert to communicate is always filtered and altered through our personal experience, situational, cultural and linguistic barriers, with much lost in translation from thought to sound.

To whom is one able to communicate with, and how? In what situations do we choose to step up and make ourselves heard? What is lost in an exchange between people, what comes in unnoticed, or what is intentionally omitted? How do we give weight and permanence to a moment that may otherwise be lost or forgotten? This piece looks to challenge the viewer’s assumptions about communication. It is a construction that explores the complicated nature of dialogue and what artifacts may remain as a result of a verbal exchange.