NOOK Gallery

The NOOK Gallery was a space I created for the students of Western Carolina University while an artist in residence there. I noticed there were very few opportunities for students to show their work in a formal capacity, so the NOOK was born. Applicants were required to submit a written proposal, and upon selection received curation support from me, a reception, and a stipend of $50. The students appreciated the feedback and chance to practice applications in a lower stakes environment.

The NOOK gallery at Western Carolina University

Endless Orb Installation by Henry Klesius

Interactive installation by Naomi Michelle

Graduate student Jen Gordon passed away in the fall of 2023 while in her third year of the MFA program. The NOOK gallery hosted a memorial show for her, in which friends and colleagues of Jen were asked to fill a small box with an homage to her. The boxes accumulated organically, and ultimately traveled to Asheville, NC as part of a memorial celebration for Jen.

Lars Fusco and their show.